Apartment in Style of Cabaret: Liza Minnelli, Catchy Interior, Turnable Bed and Magic Mirrors

August 26, 2013
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11-newly-built apartment

The Hosts:
Sergey and Marina

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 62 m²
Ceiling height: 2.9 m
Floor number: 32

A newly-built apartment on Lenin Avenue was bought by Sergey and Marina in 2010. Its decoration took about a year and was carried out by Natalie Lebedeva, a designer who once also remade the couple’s previous lodging. Since then their mere B2C relationship has grown into solid friendship, and the question of who will decorate this very flat never emerged.

Despite the novelty of the building, 32nd-floor location and open layout, the walls were found problematical: the lodging was broken and geometrically complicated. Since the hosts wished to create an open space within a tight metric area, the idea of studio layout with well-thought zoning was logically relevant. The artistic component of the interior was predetermined by the hostess’ love for Paris. Under the designer’s plan the city of love was symbolized by a cabaret, not the hackneyed Eiffel Tower or the Triumphal Arch.

The basic color is neutral grey. It’s amplified with insertions of different textures: glass, mirrors, ceramic granite, teak and mosaic. Decoration of the entrance group, including an air-conditioner, tones with teak in the bathroom. Liza Minnelli, standing by the entrance, sets the entire aesthetics in style of “Cabaret”.


A bathroom is located to the right of the entrance door and faced with natural teak. Plenty of mirrors, glasses and other reflecting surfaces not only expand the space visually, but also carry a functional message: concealed behind them are different cabinets and utility zones.



A bathroom table top was custom-made from the same wood. Décor of shelves blends with the mosaic in a shower cabin.

31-bathroom table

Magiс Mirror system is installed into the bathroom mirror, as well as in some other surfaces, which enables to watch movies while brushing the teeth or taking the shower.


Teak by Rad Wood, sanitaryware by Duravit.

51-Teak by Rad Wood, sanitaryware by Duravit

A walk-in closet faces the bathroom. Its walls are glued over with bold wallpaper, which can be hardly used for decoration of the living space.

61-walk-in closet

Furniture for the study zone was custom-made. Carpet by Master Carpet.


Since the apartment is meant for renting-out or for living of one of the hosts’ young children, the interior was made bright, yet ready for changes. Folding chairs are waiting their turn in the closet, while a coffee table by Calligaris easily transforms to a full-fledged dining one, adjustable by size and by height.


A kitchen table, alias a bar, — Copat (Loggia model).

91-kitchen table

Bar stools by Aster.

101-Bar stools by Aster

A kitchen set by Aster (Domina model) is also finished with mosaic.

111-kitchen set

The lodging is fitted with several options of lighting, comfortable for any mood.

121-options of lighting

The spice of a bed by Serenissima (Calice model) is its turnability. Such choice, besides its wow-effect, is fully justified with the Magic Mirror system, installed into glass surfaces, and a great view opening from the 32nd floor. Thus, future roomers will have options.

131-bed by Serenissima

An over-the-bed zone is beautified with hanging-mercury-drop-shaped lamps.

141-over-the-bed zone

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