Contemporary Mobile Studio Apartment Based on White Color, Oak Finish, Panoramic Views and Geometrical Shapes

August 26, 2013
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The Hosts:
Peter, an architect in Za Bor bureau
Anastasia, a model, an entry-level fashion designer

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 57 m²
Ceiling height: 2.9 m
Floor number: 24

A lodging on the 24th floor of a new housing estate in the south-east of Moscow was bought by Peter and Anastasia as soon as it was put into service. Previously the couple lived in the same neighborhood, but the former dwelling started to seem too small. Besides, the architectural studio, which Peter works for, is an eight-minute-walk from here.

The bargain gave much room for the architect’s imagination: panoramic windows, open layout, no excess walls. By the way, the owners had an option of getting a flat in the same house with a view of Moscow city core, but the couple gave preference to industrial landscape and dense traffic of the Third Ring Road.

Decoration was complete in 5 months, and the move-in was celebrated on the New Year Eve.

As an architect, Peter is quite laconic and prefers using complex geometrical shapes to excessive décor. His choice was white as a basic interior color and oak parquetry as a dominant finishing material (and not only for flooring, but also for facing walls). In addition, wood conceals such unaesthetic details as an air-conditioner.


Though the flat is recorded as two-room, in practice it represents a contemporary mobile studio. Sliding Italian panels by Movi were found to be too bulky and had to be cut into 4 pieces. They were covered with special film serving as a mudboard surface. When opened, the panels can’t be seen: they are concealed in a special wooden wall.


The original plan for a kitchen island was a black contrasting bar. But due to absence of the proper variant in Moscow show rooms, a geometrical construction of steel sheets in style of Za Bor studio had to be custom-made.


Kitchen set by SieMatic.

41-Kitchen set by SieMatic

Upholstered furniture by Rolf Benz.

51-Upholstered furniture by Rolf Benz

Another complicated interior construction – a white frame, which makes the mirror invisible from the bed, – is a skew reply to the kitchen island. Bed by Interluebke.

61-white frame

Contours of a rabbit and giraffe are kawaii alter egos of the owners, hand-made of common black cable.

71-Contours of a rabbit and giraffe

Peter, who was at first unable to make out why Anastasia needs a walk-in closet, when there is a huge glass closet in the entrance hall, finally got the idea, when the girl, a beginner fashion designer, arranged here a comfortable working zone.



Sanitaryware by Am-Pm, Hansa.

91-Sanitaryware by Am-Pm, Hansa


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