Cozy studio apartment in Moscow

August 26, 2013
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This small and intimate studio apartment is filled with natural light that penetrates the windows and fills the room with sunlight already leaving summer. Well thought out every detail to expand the space in the bedroom mirror is used. Unnecessary things perfectly hidden and disguised, for example a duct was fitted out as a small shelf for books.

2-work area with kitchen

The apartment has a square shape, and the two beautiful and large windows that fill the space with light. Part of the kitchen, namely black mosaic paved apron, and a touch of airiness. The room also includes a plurality of lights that illuminate the point space allocated jobs, and kitchen work space.

3-long Beds

Near the head of the bed is lined with tiles of a mirror in which well reflected the sunlight. Due to the mirrors in the room more light and space seem much bigger than it actually is. Situated adjacent to the bed lights and a long wire from it can function as a betrayal of the stature of the lamp as appropriate.

4-white sofa

In order to save space work area was realized as the window sill and countertop, this decision is very much practiced in modern apartments, often used as a place for a meal, if going to a bunch of people, it can be used as a kitchen workspace. With this solution, you can transform this place as it is more convenient, it is very usable.

5-beautiful wallpaper

Keeping things separate sleeping area of the corridor, in the apartment 3 closets, they are ideally replacing the wall. First closet in the hallway, and it is designed to store coats tend to be used for the season. The biggest closet located in the bedroom, there is storage of clothes and storage of books, magazines and other items.

6-small tiles

The kitchen is bright accessories for kitchen utensils, which is on everyone’s mind.

7-white tile

The bathroom is very interesting, the focus – its bright blue roof.

8-washing machine

The bathroom has used a variety of materials, several types of tiles, with private owners were lucky they were large and spacious.

9-beautiful flowers

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