Open and “Nn-Heaped” Apartment in Classic Style with a Gulf View & a Turquoise Bedroom

August 29, 2013
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The Hosts:
Maria, Maxim and their two kids

Number of rooms: 3
Metric area: 150 m²
Ceiling height: 3.2 m
Floor number: 12

Maria and Maxim moved to the recent development by the Gulf of Finland two years ago, in connection with birth of their second child. The prompt solution to leave Vasilyevsky Island for this neighborhood was gingered up by unconventional semicircular layout, impressive metric area and a picturesque gulf view opening from the 12th floor. 50 % of the windows overlook the Gulf of Finland and the Smolenka River, the others – Krestovsky Island and Old Petersburg.

The spouses started with cardinal layout changes: expanded a kids’ room and a kitchenette by means of a study, arranged a shower in the ex-closet and fit the hall with a big storage zone. The latter gave an option of releasing the space from numerous closets.

For redecoration purposes the owners hired a construction gang, while interior drawings and many furniture items were made by the hostess herself. Walls of the entrance hall and the kitchenette were coated with decorative plaster.

Kitchen set — Berloni, table and chairs — Сaligaris. A clock by Diamantini Domeniconi is Maria’s father’s gift. For two years it was waiting in the wings to finally become the first interior item brought into this lodging. A handloomed carpet under the coffee table was bought in a small seaport town Essaouira, Morocco. Interestingly, on arriving in Russia the carpet was taken to dry-cleaning, which managed to lose it for a year. Hand-made masks were ordered from a studio specializing in manufacturing trappings for the Venetian carnival. A bookstand is filled with presents of relatives and friends brought from different countries of the world.






The balcony is Maria’s private space. A small sofa and a wardrobe were made under her sketches from makeshift materials and painted by Ilya Nikitin, a professional artist. A sewing machine was dug out in a scrap-heap, while the shelf stand is packed with travel souvenirs.



Sliding doors and a library bookcase are a fruit of long consideration and imagination of the hostess. An interesting detail is a heavy chest, which took 6 persons to be brought into the flat, and couches by Bond St. London. Bulbs in a pin-up lamp by Ligne Roset are tilted back so that the lamp form was projected on the wall.

31-Sliding doors

Maxim’s study is arranged in classic style. Pictures were painted by Maria’s grandfather, a geologist who ranged the whole Soviet Union. Due to poor quality of paint and severe camp conditions some of his works were lost. Sofa — Home Cоncept, table with alcoholic beverages — Villeroy & Boch. A book stand is custom-designed..

41-classic style cabinet

The parents wouldn’t clutter the kids’ room. A tree and stickers — Eijffinger, sofas — IKEA. The rest of the furniture was custom-designed.

51-kids’ room

A fresco for a guest’s bathroom was painted by Ilya Nikitin. It pictures a small Greek island Santorini, the family’s favorite travel destination.




Turquoise wallpaper was selected by the hostess. Bed — Ligne Roset.

71-Turquoise wallpaper


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