Pixelated Sculpture at Bristol Temple Meads Train Station

September 6, 2013
Posted in Ideas


Artist Luke Jerram has created a pixelated sculpture of his daughter Maya using an Xbox Kinect, aluminum sheets and more than 5,000 colored stickers. Luke says, “From the age of 3 my daughter Maya could use an iPhone. For her the technology was like a pencil, just another everyday tool to be used. Born into this world, for her, the digital revolution and the speed of technological development is not yet apparent.“

Maya is a sculpture which acts as a three-dimensional pixilated portrait. As with a heavily pixelated two dimensional image made of squares, from a distance the sculptures can be easily read. As the viewer gets closer the object appears to fragment into cubes.

This project has stemmed from Jerram’s ongoing research of visual perception and optical illusions. The fact that he is colourblind has given him a natural interest in exploring “the edges of perception”.




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