The modern, minimalist style in the bedroom

September 16, 2013
Posted in Bedroom


Minimalist style looks very succinctly, simple and gorgeous composition is obtained. Minimalism is very functional interior, usually in the interior there is nothing superfluous, and there is always everything that you will need, the style of minimalism can be very comfortable and cozy, such a style is often used in the bedroom.

2-black head

In this bedroom the bed is located on the floor, and is very low, the head of the bed is constructed from natural dark wood terry rug looks really nice.

3-photos and wall

The bedroom is a very tall, big and thick mattress will relax and immerse yourself in a sweet dream, hung over the head of the beautiful photos that look nice.

5-children's bedroom

Children’s bedroom in a minimalist style allows the child to hold the room clean and maintain order, a small amount of furniture will look good and will allow the child to have more space to play.

6-white bed

Minimalist style looks good in a small room in which there are so many places that will be a very handy thing to pick the right colors.

7-white walls

Large and spacious room done in warm shades, very beautiful skins are located on the floor that make the room very beautiful and magical.

8-beautiful window

The bedroom is large and beautiful window which is located at the middle of the room, the room is decorated with beautiful pillows with orange and beautiful soft blanket.

9-dark walls

The chamber is situated adjacent to a beautiful balcony where you can go in the morning and take a breath of fresh air, this chamber is very simple, but very cozy.

10-interesting mirror

The chamber is situated on the wall mirror, which reflects the two white beds and a beautiful fireplace, opposite the bed is a convenient shelf in the form of stairs.

black wall4-

Beautiful plaid creates a special atmosphere in the bedroom, and decorate the room looked very dark wall contrasting with beautiful photos and pictures of a white frame.

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