Air Apartment in black and white

September 17, 2013
Posted in Apartments

1-white chandelier

Scandinavian style in the interior of a very distinguished from others in the apartment used two basic colors namely black and white. White extends well and creates the space much more.

2-black sofa

In the apartment there is a trend of minimalism. The living room is entirely white with beautiful wall murals, elegant and very beautiful chandelier from this crystal, pure white floor made of wood, and the interior complements the image of a beautiful young woman.

3-a beautiful picture

The furniture in the living room is dark black in color, most wonderfully convenient coffee table made of wood, on which there are books, magazines, and a small red flower, very distinguished.


Flooring is very beautiful light color, a beautiful coffee table round terry rug that draws the interior air and very magical.

5-round rug

The living room is the bedroom a place that looks very harmonious, as an outdoor black wardrobe and linen, opposite the bed is a beautiful artificial fireplace.

6-beautiful quilt

Change the mood in the bedroom is quite soft enough to change the mattress, such as replacing the black on white.

7-black cabinet

The bed is on a beautiful terry round rug, which will be very nice to put your feet.

8-top view

Open cabinet can be easily hidden behind curtains of white or black color to suit every taste, clothes and picked up in white, it means that the owner of the apartment selects classics – black and white.

9-two windows

On top of the air bed looks like a marshmallow, a feeling which creates a three-dimensional quilt comforter and beautiful pillows are also the same strain. The lounge is a small side table in white.

10-beautiful nightstand

On the contrary there are a beautiful bed and large windows that are well passed the daylight.

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