Apartments in white style

September 17, 2013
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The white color is perfect for a home decoration, white – is the new black, it can cover a lot of flaws in white bright objects can be added to make the room interesting. White is the color of infinity, with it you can always experiment.

2-Living in white style

This room is filled with not only white, but also all the furniture is light, it looks very symmetrical, and bright yellow apples on the coffee table diluted atmosphere.

3-beautiful chest of drawers

In the white interior furniture can be used in any color, but the best will look harmonious and natural wood.

4-living room with beautiful furniture

A dining area you can beat a bit of bright and interesting paintings, furniture can be selected massive as white walls easily hide its flaws.

5-bed in the bedroom

Bedroom with white color will look very comfortable if you add a little black on the wall posted a beautiful picture that is divided into two sections.

6-black wall

The kitchen is decorated in white, and the wall near the drainage area is decorated in an interesting black, the original decision is the recipes of various dishes.

7-white wall

This apartment has a small space, which is divided into several zones, a living room area and bedroom shares the broad wall, the room seems to be very large.

8-gray sofa

The bright rooms you can use a small furniture, such as a round coffee table, and interesting dishes of the opposite of black.

9-white kitchen

If space allows for a lot of seating furniture in the kitchen, it is necessary to create a small island that can be positioned around the dining area.

10-Living in white

It is worth paying attention to the color of furniture, gray sofas, carpet lighter gray color blends well with the white color, and goes well with light colored furniture walnut.

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