Gorgeous visualization with loft-style apartments

September 17, 2013
Posted in Apartments


Modern apartments look very interesting thanks to the visualization, it encompasses a very innovative interior decoration. In these interiors, changes can be made at any time at the request of the owners. These modern studio apartments are produced Triple D Designs.

7-beautiful chairs

Beautiful and spacious sitting room, and comfortable staircase, a spiral of beautiful metallics. Furniture black with green accents looks very harmonious, interesting shapes of vases complement the interior.

6-beautiful staircase

Stairs are located in the corner of the room, it leads to the second floor, above the staircase is located upper window through which the light of day.

5-beautiful kitchen

Dining bar is an extension of the work surface on which to prepare and immediately next to sit down and have lunch.


Near the bar with a black wooden chair with a very high legs that fit well with a white streak. Metal and monochrome items are well softened green accents and hardwood floors are softened. This apartment is built in the style of a loft.

4-beautiful lamps

The coffee table in the living room is very close to the floor, the table is square, it is located chess for recreation, and books to read.


When viewed from above the comfort zone is formed in the area of a square, green plaid in good harmony with the green plaid sofa upholstered with a pleasant material, fabric like velvet.


On the other side of the room white walls and white furniture are also located near the black sofa, a dining area is located on two beautiful hanging chandeliers.


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