Apartment + Guesthouse at Atelier for Creative People

September 19, 2013
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11-bright room

The Host:
Bogdan, a fashion designer, a founder of At Atelier

Number of rooms: 5
Metric area: 110 m²
Ceiling height: 3.1 m
Floor number: 5

Bogdan has left St. Petersburg for Moscow comparatively recently, on entering British Higher School of Art and Design. However, it would be unfair to call the young man an entry-level fashion designer – in his native city he already launched and left numerous projects, and not only in fashion industry.

What Bogdan needed for comfortable living and creation in Moscow was a spacious and inspiring studio in the thick of the city. Meanwhile he was also striving to find an application for the experience he gained while travelling around the globe. From here emerged an idea of creating a guesthouse for friends and like-minded people.

For a start Bogdan found a spacious intown apartment in deplorable condition and devised an original format of living and launching a small business. With the aid of professional workers and friends Bogdan trimmed the terrible space with no walls, crumbling plaster and huge holes in the floor. This has resulted in total re-planning, and the space was ready for its first season as a guesthouse.

12-brick wall


The space was arranged with personal comfort in mind: there was no direction to create a typical hostel. From the very beginning it was assumed that this will be a shelter for people holding the same views about comfort and lifestyle, as the host. Bogdan’s future plan is further fruitful cooperation with theatres, exhibitors and other artistic unions.



Bogdan’s idea was to organize a space for actors, musicians, designers and other creative people, who come to Moscow on tour or for no special reason. Despite the growing number of hostels and loft-hotels opening in Moscow in recent years, this market can be hardly named loaded: the price/quality ratio still correlates quite spontaneously, and the classic hostel format with backpackers and casual people from Booking.com won’t do with everyone. Bogdan was unwilling to post his ads on popular hotel aggregators and gave preference to more targeted resources, such as Airnbnb.com & Thelocals.ru. Thanks to this move, during the first months of existence At Atelier managed to attract a few music bands from Paris and Berlin.


32-strange mannequin


At the same time the guesthouse accommodates 10 persons or one big company – the “creative hostel” includes two double rooms and one room for six. The interior design is simple and laconic — uncovered brickwork, white walls, and wooden furniture, partially custom-made and covered with boat varnish. Not numerous, still significant, décor items were brought by Bogdan from London and Copenhagen. For example, versatile bulbs. Some stuff, including an antique reading stand, was acquired from “Artifact” shop in St. Petersburg, which specializes in importing Indian furniture and selling it at reasonable prices.







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