Studio Apartment with a Raised Platform Bed and Wide Windowsills

September 19, 2013
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The Hosts:
Fyodor, a software specialist
Eugenia, a housewife

Number of rooms: 1
Metric area: 41 m²
Ceiling height: 3.4 m
Floor number: 3

In 2009 Fyodor and Eugenia bought an apartment in the heart of St. Petersburg, which was built in 1913 with the proceeds of St. Petersburg aristocracy. With the advent of Soviet rule it was re-designed as a communal house, but in the end divided into freehold flats anyway.

For Eugenia this place raises childhood memories: after attending a school of art nearby, she and Grandma would often drop in a drapery shop, which is located on the first floor of Eugenia’s present house. As soon as the spouses found out that one of the apartments in it was put up for sale, they bought it offhand.

The flat was re-planned at one sweep. For the sake of arranging a closet in an entrance hall, bathroom and kitchen exits were shifted. The process was entrusted to a few gangs of workers, who would disappear all the time. Therefore, from time to time the hosts had to hunt after new contractors, and the refurbishment was finished only in two years. Responsible for the interior décor was Gleb Komissarov.

The hostess’ fundamental requirement was a full-fledged bedroom – a challenging task in a studio flat. The solution was collective: a bed was placed on a raised floor and partitioned with a curtain. Thus, the window ended up on a floor level. Light can be switched on and off right in the bed. A bookstand holds a home library. Standing on it is a great grandmother’s picture.


13-bed and sofa

14-red sofa


A kitchen set was bought in IKEA, chairs and a table — in Spectrum. All kitchen fittings are built-in, which is advantageous for a kitchenette. A wide windowsill is suited to sitting on it.






Sanitary porcelain’s manufacturer is Oxo, Italy. Due to a small metric area, the hosts decided to confine themselves to a shower cabin.



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