Apartment with the Mood of Beach: Bright and Sunny

September 20, 2013
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The Hosts:
Igor, engaged in electric-power industry
Natalie, engaged in real-estate sales

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 75 m²
Ceiling height: 2.6 m
Floor number: 23

Igor and Natalie bought a newly-built apartment in 2011. What they liked was open layout, panoramic windows, good city views and convenient location by the 3rd Moscow Ring Road.

The hosts’ passion for sun and beach aesthetics is obvious. After getting married on Bali, they were determined to bring sunny mood to their own home. Evenings, lying in a hammock, they can watch dense city traffic and enjoy the contrasts.

The couple frequently invites guests, and the main accent was put on the public zone.

Igor and Natalie approached the process of interior project creation under the guidance of a professional designer. Taken as a framework were natural decorative materials, bright color range and plenty of natural light. Most of the furniture pieces were purchased from Russian manufacturers or custom-designed.



In support of the hosts’ love for supper-parties, the kitchen and living room were knitted in a cozy kitchenette, which seats up to 30 persons at a time. Preference was given to natural materials reminding of nature and sea: wood block flooring of natural oak with coral shades, for example, is reminiscent of seawater-soaked wood.

The only thing brought from the previous apartment was a cat’s house; the rest of the stuff was bought from Russian manufacturers or custom-made. For instance, IKEA kitchen set and bar were topped up with table-boards of natural Brazilian granite. What the hosts wanted was to combine quality and affordability. One of the details — textile light-dissipating lamps — are Igor’s creation. Sofa — 8, March Factory.





Bright accents look especially expressive against the background of white walls and in the daylight coming of panoramic windows. Other details are friends’ gifts and souvenirs. Lamps hanging over the island were found in OBI, high chairs are self-painted, and a beach on the wall is a friend’s gift. Frameless furniture, including padded stools and other soft and comfortable items, was ordered from Smart Balls Company.




A swing, which influenced the interior concept to a large extent, was brought from Goa. Tables — Air of Provence, textile — Zara Home. Chromatic radiators for the kitchen, as well as a yellow cast bath, were custom-made by a domestic fabricator.





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