Good examples of brightly lit rooms

September 20, 2013
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Ukrainian architect creates interiors with beautiful and soft lighting, her intentions are simply breathtaking and striking in their beauty. This reflects the architect of the most magnificent and interesting idea, using bright interiors. This pizza is made charming and bright interior, natural colors are chosen, and furniture made of untreated wood.

2-beautiful terrace

A large summer terrace on which even has a chance to sleep on it are colorful bedding, windows framed with blue shutters and a well-defined white brick wall.

3-Grey Room

Another example of a beautiful living room, which is separated from the dining area, a zone of beautifully decorated lights that gently illuminate certain areas.

4-white ceiling

The walls in the living room are made with wood paneling, in the middle of the room with a fireplace, bottom decorated with wooden panels in the room used in the design of freshly sawn pieces of wood that is very relevant, and coffee table made of wood.

5-green pillows

Pillows and sofa in the room gently brilliant colors, refreshing interior, and makes it very cozy.

6-beautiful pillows

In the living room, made a big beautiful window that light rays that connects the closed and open space.

7-beautiful sofa

At this big house made a beautiful white wrought and beautiful object that are decorated like stair railings, in the same style chandeliers are made, made in the same manner.


Room for girls decorated in a classic style, the bed on the second floor hosts a beautiful chandelier, which creates a magical atmosphere.

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