The small and cozy apartment in Sweden

September 23, 2013
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1-bed closet

Swiss residents prefer the classics in the interior and usually choose the blank walls. The white color is most often present in a small room. In a small apartment choose functional furniture that can hide or conceal.

2-large window

The living room is connected with sleeping and work space. The floor is laid with laminate light, the living room has a large window that lets in daylight well, and does not have curtains, or drapes. As well, you can run through the front room to the balcony.


The second section is divided into a dining area, where there is a breakfast bar with two high bar stools. The corridor is located in the corner of the room, on the corridor floor in black, which is laid out plain tiles. Opposite the sofa is television that you can watch in the evenings.

4-beautiful chairs

The bar counter is put forward in order to be able to spend your lunch time, a bar attached to the wall, made of wood, and the top surface is glass, so as not to spoil the table, the table placed in front of a long, narrow mirror.

5-entrance to the kitchen

Adjacent to the bar is the entrance to a small kitchen, where there is merely a work space for cooking. Such a living room hangs a large painting of a famous artist.

6-small kitchen

The kitchen is small but very comfortable and functional furniture in the kitchen a light color, there is a large built-in electric cooker, stainless steel sink for washing dishes, microwave and beautiful.

7-beautiful flowerpot

Over the stove hood had a big metallic color, stainless steel countertop is made of natural marble, which is one pot that enlivens the room. Under the electric is a comfortable wooden chair that can be used by guests.

8-white bathroom

Bathroom done in a light classical style, the bathroom is fully tiled with white tiles with gray inserts.

9-open chest

In the hall are open cabinets, and closed shelves where you can conveniently store clothes.

10-beautiful balcony

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