Comfortable lodge in the village

September 24, 2013
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1-large kitchen

This wonderful house is constructed entirely of wood , it is situated along the East Sussex Lane and this place is in the middle of unspoiled nature. Basic and which surround the house , birds , bees, and forest creatures . The owners , of course, lucky that the rail is too far away and did not hear the noise , the air is clean and refreshing . The landlord is a master of pottery , it is in this sphere , he gets inspired , he is also a gardener , and fully planted garden, and made a particularly beautiful and amazing place .
Close to the house there is a beautiful garden that is planted host, and there are a variety of trees , shrubs and flowers , from the most simple to the most complex. Near the main house is a storage room that is both workshop , houses are painted in a nice green color.
Small house made country-style rugs spread out on the floors with interesting ornaments , there are also some musical instruments , beautiful guitar, drum and said that the owners love music , and gathered their collection. In each room there is a musical instrument that creates a warm atmosphere.
Also in the house turned up quite a few old furniture , which kept things interesting and accessories on the walls hung with paintings, photos and favorite things walls of the home owners are not treated wallpaper or paint , plaster and treated rudely on which are painted different pictures.
The house is full of wild flowers , and an assortment of fruits grown in the garden of the owners , which against the furniture look really smart and beautiful. All the ceilings with wooden beams , which have a variety of hooks, and hang a beautiful chandelier.

2-beautiful garden

3-garden houses

4-beautiful guitar

5-beautiful guitar

6-beautiful wall

7-beautiful vase

8-dining table

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