Studio Apartment Inspired by 1960S and Rodney Walker’s Works

September 24, 2013
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The Hostess:
Hanna, an architect

Number of rooms: 1
Metric area: 41 m²
Ceiling height: 2.7 m
Floor number: 9

Last year, having got degree of an architect, Hanna moved in a new house on the embankment. Interior design and décor she took upon herself. By the way, currently she works on her own series of eco-furniture.

Development of the interior design plan took about 2 weeks, while its implementation lasted 6 months. The lodging was re-designed into a single well-zoned space with no walls. Mobile glass partitions allow for prompt changes of the interior, quickly making the bedroom isolated.

Color solution was inspired by interiors of 1960s and Rodney Walker’s works. To avoid space-taking wardrobes in the bedroom, the hostess arranged a platform with drawers for storing personal stuff. The raised floor, by the way, features a trap-door leading to the corridor closet. A table by the window is also Hanna’s creation – from sawing boards to final assembly.



14-cozy apartment


A low-hanging chandelier was sacrificed for the sake of a projector. A white wall opposite the sofa serves as a screen, though sometimes Hanna watches movies right from the bar. The balcony conserves heat in any time of the year, and the hostess likes spending time there. A dog’s picture is a friend’s gift. A copy of Picasso’s “Boy with a Dog” was presented to Hanna for participation in one of the Hermitage’s youth projects. Mini-chess came through grandfather, and a composition of black-and-white architectural photos — through a university teacher.







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