10 Guest rooms in Scandinavian style

September 25, 2013
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Living room in a Scandinavian style – a combination of functionality and elegance. This interior uses natural and instinctive style and simplicity. In this interior is not used frilly shades and furniture, each item clearly laid out in such an apartment is always comfortable.

3-blue wall

In this living room is very beautiful and bright turquoise wall with beautiful designs. The furniture in the room a light color, transparent color coffee table made of ice. The pillows in the room of bright colors: pink and turquoise.

4-animal Skin

The same color is fixed and a sofa, which is very large and is a canard. The floor in the living room bright colors, laminate flooring looks great. The same color is fixed and a sofa, which is very large and is a corner.

5-beautiful windows

The room is situated on the perimeter of one 4 large windows, which are at an angle, a large corner sofa and gray. The second section of the wall is a white shelf where the books, and accessories.

6-large window

This room has a large window that holds the shape of a semicircle through this room looks bigger and bigger.

7-large window minimalism

The room was done in a minimalist flair, the sofa is made in a Chinese-style coffee tables are built in the form of trays, and one is a little lower, the other a little higher.

8-beautiful pictures

The spacious living room is constructed in a modern Scandinavian style; the rug on the floor is made of gray and has a square shape, hang on the walls of various films.

9-gray sofa

The wall of the room is lined with natural brick, the other part of the wall is painted in white. The whole atmosphere dilutes the bright burgundy carpet that blends well with the gray sofa.

10-yellow tulips

The living room furniture is used, which is low to the floor, a coffee table made of planks, beams that are widely apart.


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