Apartment Based on Neutral Grey, Contrasting Oak Flooring and Natural Finishing Materials

September 25, 2013
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The Hosts:
Catherine, a founder of Internet blog about healthy lifestyle
Constantine, the chief of design agency
Nicholas, their son

Number of rooms: 3
Metric area: 76 m²
Ceiling height: 3 m
Floor number: 6

Last year the family exchanged their small apartment in the same neighborhood for a bigger lodging of 1955 overlooking a birch wood. After 8 months of renovation works, it was absolutely fit for living.

The couple’s passion is travelling. Their favorite destinations are Belgium and France – it’s there where they drew inspiration from and ordered a big deal of furniture. As for décor elements, most of them come from Berlin.

During refurbishment the space has changed significantly. In the beginning Catherine tried working with an architect and a designer, but in the end decided to do everything by herself. This was her first experience, and on getting a satisfactory result, the woman got down to creating designer projects for her mother’s and friend’s apartments.


The hosts were already used to doing without corridors while living in a studio apartment. On entering the lodging you find yourself in a guests’ zone united with a dining room. Thanks to this trick, a comparatively small metric area was able to include two bedrooms, a spacious bathroom and a few storage zones.

Catherine had a clear view of her future lodging. According to her, there were no doubts − neither in terms of style, nor functionality. The geometry of space was set by load-bearing beams under the ceiling, symmetrical doors and newly-built molding (the original one was in such poor condition that its restoration had no sense). Solutions concerning the color range and materials were made fast: taken as a basis were neutral grey, contrasting oak flooring, and natural finishing materials. Walls were covered with eco-paint, wood is natural, among fabrics — wool, flax and velvet.




A chest of drawers, table, chairs, wall lamp by Amadeus, and velvet sofa by Home Spirit arrived from France. Tableware by Villeroy & Boch was brought from Berlin: there it’s a lot cheaper. A kitchen set is also German, doors − Dolce Porte, a couch and a flax padded stool − Curations Limited. Chandeliers, carpet, pillows − Laura Ashley.




A bedroom wardrobe was custom-made in a carpenter’s workshop. Bed − IKEA, arm-chair − Air of Provence, lighting and textile − Zara Home. Pictures were bought in Salzburg last summer. Works depicting a small yard in Moscow and Pokrovsky Boulevard were found by the hosts in search for old-timey Moscow sceneries.



Walls in the kid’s room were supplemented with architectural recesses for built-in closets. The latter were custom-made by a local manufacturer.



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