Open Minimalist Apartment Filled with Antique Furniture & Modern Art

September 25, 2013
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The Hostess:
Kate Taylor, a founder of Kadygrob & Taylor Art Projects, an art-consultant

Number of rooms: 2
Metric area: 76 m²
Ceiling height: 2.5 m
Floor number: 14

It was two years ago when Kate bought her newly-built two-room apartment and got down to its re-planning. For a start, she had all the room dividers torn down and added a balcony and corridors to the living space. As a result, appeared an open space including an entrance hall, a bedroom and a kitchenette. Standing aside are a walk-in closet and a bathroom – they’re concealed behind glass doors.

The interior design was worked out by Kate, who drew inspiration from contemporary European hotels – minimalist, with no unnecessary details and conformist. The hostess planned to move in an empty flat and gradually fill it with vintage furniture and décor stuff brought from travels.

Refurbishment took half a year. Walls were painted neutral grey, floor was laid with deal board. A bar was also made from pinewood and placed by the window, which affords a fine city view. A minimalist kitchen set was custom-designed. Since Kate wanted the furniture to be inconspicuous and merge into the background, she picked up grey color again.

The rest of the furniture items are antique; some of them are over 100 years old. For example, a mirror with original thin glass of 1910s was found by Kate in the Internet. A junkman was ready to sell it for a mere song due to poor condition. Kate had the mirror restored and painted grey.




A dining table arrived from a country Church of the Holy Trinity, where it was used for storing offerings. Also from there comes a chair with angels carved on its back. One more chair, a massive one, made from ash and pine wood, is a designer piece by Yaroslava Popova. The rest of the chairs are emigrants from Kate’s previous dwelling.



Dishes hanging over a bar are samples of Nikita Kadan’s (an artist from Kiev) series “Treatment Room”. A table features recipe books and a Soviet matchbox with fire trucks, a gift of Kate’s grandfather.

31-Dishes hanging over a bar

With time the owner plans to replace the sofa upholstery with a grey one. A wall behind the sofa remains pure on purpose – during home parties and movie shows it serves as a projector screen. A coffee table was made of construction pallets. As well as the majority of other things in this flat, it has a history: pallets used to serve as a DJ control desk for Masha Shubina at Lost&Found exhibition. A forged vase arrived from a Columbian restaurant Andres Carne de Res, Bogota.


An Electra bike is waiting for warm season in the lounge. A wicker basket is filled with the hostess’ collection of matchboxes. A monkey on a metical, the national currency of Mozambique, is a work of an artist Ilya Chichkan.

51-Electra bike

52-work of an artist Ilya Chichkan

At first Kate thought that a mossy yellow and green chest of drawers would ruin the monochrome color gamut of the lodging, but with time it proved to be a nice diluting addition to the grey surroundings. A townscape along the wall was painted by Julia Tveritina. A “French Kiss” picture by Nikolai Belous, featuring an engagement of a French soldier with his girlfriend, is a gift of a famous art gallery owner. A Leica camera by 1936 was dug out on a flea market in Berlin. Anglomania book was found among the range of Pure store during Kyiv Fashion Days. Adorning an entrance door is a work by Kiev artist Lesia Khomenko.





There is no chandelier in the bedroom; the only source of artificial light is a bedside lamp from Poland. A chest of 1950s for storing CDs was given by friends. Initially brilliant orange, it was then smoothed and varnished. The hostess’ portrait was painted by Irena Fedder, a German-Ukrainian artist. A woven carpet strip is an heirloom travelling with Kate from one apartment to another.




A bathroom is isolated from the rest of the space with a glass partition, which can be curtained with double-faced flax and sackcloth blinds. This was done with an idea of taking baths in the candlelight and enjoying the city view.



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