The bedroom in the style of Shabby Chic

September 26, 2013
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The combination of soft colors, beautiful patterns and lovely fabric – this refers to this vintage. A good element can be any lace object in the form of beautiful napkins, which can be broadcast to any table, and the more of them, the better and more interesting.

3-beautiful chair

Near the dressing table can cause a small amount of sweet hooks and hang necklaces, and earrings that will look very nice and will attract attention. Shabby chic style, you can create without spending a lot of money and not tinkering with repairs, enough to buy or create beautiful stencils that can be displayed on a wall in the shape of a beautiful figure, but thanks to modern paint pattern can wear out and give it some style. The curtains in the room are to choose light and subtle tones and shades of the beautiful and pink blossoms. If finances permit, it is necessary to purchase a curtain with vintage lace, which will cut the delicate rays of the sun that will give your room femininity and passion. Perfect decoration for the bedroom can become a beautiful vintage dresser with a beautiful elegant leg will be a beautiful addition to the room. Chest of drawers can be taken from your grandmother and paint it in a light color, in the same color you can paint the wood floor. The walls in the room can be decorated with old vintage clock, beautiful pictures, old plates, and a beautiful mirror with the old frame. The chairs in the interior must also be aged with thin legs, covered with gold leaf for example, or to be aged. You can also use a piece of shabby doors instead of a bedside wall, or use as a screen or an element of decor.

5-white chair

6-children's bedroom

7-pink pillows

8-wooden beams

9-beautiful ceiling

10-beautiful pillows


4-beautiful bed

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