The beach and marine interior style

October 2, 2013
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In cold weather you want warmth and comfort, and we have prepared this collection in a nautical theme, which will remind you of warmer days. Beach style is associated with the color of the sand and the ocean waves are used in the interior warm color breeding. In this interior is encouraged to utilize natural materials.

2-Marine bedroom interior style

In order to bedroom looked light and beautiful, you should choose light colors and shades. Choose a beautiful and light fabric, it is better to give preference Cotton best part is that the beach can be used interior accessories are not expensive.

3-Marine bedroom interior

In the interior, you can use a mixture of furniture made of wood, shells, and pebbles. Accessory can become an aquarium, and the corals and pebbles, and all-natural materials, which are constantly on the proximity to the ocean.

4-beautiful curtains

The sleeping room can be decorated quite minimally, enough to buy bedding in a nautical theme, and matching curtains.

5-kitchen in a marine style

Confirmed in the interior will rattan furniture, especially chairs will look good, and a sofa. Also will look good folding chairs, folding chairs and chairs that can be moved easily.

6-bathroom in marine style

Bathroom is also a good place for a marine style, it is enough to use the bathroom of a natural material made ​​of bronze.

7-veranda in a marine style

Actual marine style will be and about the coast, if the house is situated near the sea, on the veranda you can put comfy sofas and chairs for comfort and relaxation.

8-Living in a marine style

Also important to decorate the room with beautiful paintings in a nautical theme, with paintings on a beach motif. Use natural wood, such as a coffee table, light-colored driftwood can make legs and glass cover.

9-garden in a marine style

Camping, this is probably the most correct and up-to rest. In the garden you can set up a table and chairs, and receive guests.

10-board in a marine style

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