The bright carpet of felt strips

October 2, 2013
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In autumn you want warmth and comfort, but if you do not desire to make large expenditures can be affectionate and beautiful rug with his hands. A further product is gaining momentum with their own hands and becomes very popular and up-to-date. Moreover this carpet will please you every day in any season, and he received a warm, gentle and pleasant.

2-the whole carpet

If you like the idea to create such a rug is to advance tolerance and beautiful bright objects and accessories that will be used later to create a rug.

3-many stripes

For this you can use old things, such as a blanket of fat, use only the brightest stripes, they will create an interesting rug. Strips that are not so cheap. For this you can use old things, such as a blanket of felt, use only the bright stripes, they will make an interesting rug.

4-silicone adhesive

The scheme to make mat is very simple, but you have to make it very difficult, need a lot of patience. The strips need to parse on shades and do circles, and then use a special glue gun.

5-silicone adhesive

On the ribbon is to apply a small amount of glue and roll up, then paste over the tape and other colors, and stick to the other coil, a different color.


Larger coils are best placed in the center of your carpet, it will look very beautiful.  The size and pattern you need to think about you, oval shape may not be entirely correct and a little crooked, and it will be interesting, and additional bars connect the two circuits.


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