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October 3, 2013
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Christmas balls can not only decorate the Christmas tree, but also serve as a good option decorating any room in a house or apartment. Especially it will be useful if you still have Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree, or they are slightly out of date, and you do not know where to apply them. Use these great ideas. In the New Year’s holidays like to decorate the window to people passing by saw and knew that you have a holiday. You can decorate the window with beautiful balls, or toys in the form of icicles, and hang them to ribbons.


Good food and a great option to fill the vase with small beads – glass and transparent, in the New Year’s holiday, they will look better than a simple bouquet. It can also be a simple glass or clear glass container.


During the New Year holidays are very relevant candles, they will look really nice and true, candles can be embellished with Christmas tree branches, or just hang it on a candlestick beautiful ball. It is necessary to add a pair of beautiful decorations and the piece is perfect.


If you are saving the forest, and behave not like artificial Christmas trees, the idea is for sure you will enjoy, such imitation Christmas tree over the dining table is very urgent and costly


Festive table can also decorate the balls, for example to use a napkin to match with the ball..


Make a vase for flowers from bulbs, they require to be pasted around a simple vase, and you find a vase of balls.


Of the balls and the frame can be an original painting and composition at the same time, you can arrive at the Christmas tree, you’ll need a frame, wire, Christmas toys and small size create a composition.


Can also be make a simple and beautiful song by the band balls and box, looks very festive.


Any glass container can be filled with balls, such as square vase and decorate ribbon, this gift is quite likely to appeal to people close.


Similarly, you can decorate and utensils for pastry, cakes and pastries just replace the balls, looks impressive.


Tree for the Christmas holidays – an unusual and interesting solution, you need to glue the beads together, stick a piece of satin ribbon to paste over, and set in a simple pot, this tree does not require special care

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