The selection beautiful Christmas decorations

October 3, 2013
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The New Year holidays are just around the corner, there are only a couple of months. Now is the time to look for new and interesting ideas for decorating Christmas trees, and their home or apartment. Christmas tree and Christmas decorations in the interior of the most important in the New Year’s holidays. Any and simple balls can be decorated with ribbons, sequins and other appurtenances.


The most simple and not costly option – paper balls. In order to gain the ball you need to take beautiful pieces of paper, glue and bar beads, thread and you’re ready to go.


The beads can be applied to a beautiful and simple design, it is enough to use a brush to paint, and paint is best to choose from sequins to look more festive.


If you are not a creative nature, you can take a simple sticker in the shape of flakes or other items, it is advisable to select only two colors.


Typically Christmas holidays we associate with snow and snowflakes, so it’s worth to buy in the shop for artists snowflakes made of felt or paper, and you can also decorate them for Christmas balls, and complete the composition of beautiful satin ribbon bow tied on.


If you are a very creative person, create original balls for their friends or loved ones, you can decorate with bright beads reticulation, feathers, and decorations. All gift ideas are very useful and practical.


Balls can be adorned with rhinestones, diamonds and various , if you want to donate a toy to someone it will be precious, or embellish a plain plastic bead.


If you are romantic in nature, or live near the sea, or you miss him, do the beads in a nautical theme, you need balls of sea colors, shells, and pebbles, and of course the glue that everything can be repaired.


The easiest way to attach the inexpensive ribbon around the globe, and of the same ribbon to make a bow or loop, for which will keep your ball.


Another easy way to decorate a simple toy sparkle, it is advisable to choose a color that will blend with the toy and give out the sequins in one place so smoothly and beautifully emphasize its shape.


If you like and can draw can be colored themes and balls, it can be and patterns, and patterns in the form of trees, trees, birds, etc.


Striped balls will also be interesting to look, you can paint them colors, and decorate the top of sequins, the strips were flat, and you can use the ribbon and tape.


The egg can be adorned with a variety of thin ribbons of different sizes, it will require a lot of effort and patience to secure the ribbon carefully.

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