10 popular decorations for Halloween

October 8, 2013
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The first place to decorate the house for Halloween is pumpkin, pumpkin can be any accessory – a vase, lamp, figurines, or even possible to make a gift. Pumpkin – this is the most traditional items and accessories.


In second place we have simple and practical horrific images and figurines of skeletons, black cats and spiders, witches, coffins, and other awfulness. Meals can be decorated with spiders and others, which can be edible.


The color scheme in the third place, the most traditional colors: black and orange, not necessarily crumble the walls and make repairs, you can just buy a beautiful and bright rugs, lamps, rugs and other accessories.

4-candles on Halloween

In fourth place interesting or scary candles well decorate the house for Halloween, creating a pleasant atmosphere, warm and relaxed, candle holders can be made from simple cans or black candlesticks.

5-strange things on Halloween

Various jars with terrible eyes and jaws in fifth place, which will create the atmosphere of the presence of wickedness and awesome items.

6-witches on Halloween

In sixth place is magical accessories and decorations, such as a conical hat with large fields, and the witch’s broom, also can make magic potions, for example to use a green drink, or other bright drinks.

7-scary posters

In seventh place – the posters. On the walls you can hang posters or pictures of scary accessories. Good on the wall will look terrific scenery.

8-black cat

In eighth place – a cat or a black accessory that will look good in the interior, such as pillows or in the form of cats with muzzles.

8-dead branches and trees

In ninth place – dry twigs. Instead of dried flowers you can use beautiful branches, with different accessories that are necessary to hang on the branches.

9-dead branches and trees

And on the last tenth place is beautiful entrance door, which can be decorated with beautiful stickers. Steps you can decorate pumpkins with candles.

12-scary door

10-scary door

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