Paper and beautiful pumpkin for Halloween

October 8, 2013
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If you do not have to buy a pumpkin, or just pressed for time, you can use the idea to make a beautiful pumpkin with their hands you will need some materials:
- Paper several colors
- Ribbons
- Decorative berries and leaves


Decorative twigs will look good at the head of the crown and ribbon will look festive.

3-strips of paper

The paper should be cut into small strips, color is better to choose one tone.

4-make holes

In each strip to make two holes with a hole punch, then seal the pumpkin.


Through the hole to push the ribbon to hold together the pumpkin together.


Are now most important thing is to stretch and tighten the ribbon and knot.

7-ready pumpkin

Can be stuck on top of a beautiful branch with berries, and got such beautiful paper pumpkin.

8-ready pumpkin

9-ready pumpkin

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