The kitchen in the style of Shabby – Chic

October 10, 2013
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Shabby Chic style is air and interesting feature – ease in the interior. We must choose a beautiful and elegant old furniture, you can give the old days and attrition. Better to give preference to white or beige color, the furniture should be made of wood, carved and desirable because it will look very beautiful and interesting.

2-beautiful lamp

In the style of Shabby Chic look good very old furniture with natural scuffed, will look good old bottles.

3-kitchen table

Better to choose wooden furniture, white, with scuffed, the countertop can be made from natural large boards.

4-beautiful kitchen cabinet

The dining table can be placed in the middle of the room to the kitchen, the kitchen can be made ​​entirely in white color as the floor and the walls and ceiling – this is typical for the style of Shabby-chic.

5-narrow dining table

In the style of Shabby Chic look good and bright colors with a matte color, for example – the color of turquoise or pink color, would be appropriate and interesting for a comfortable cushion seat.

6-many textile

It is appropriate to use a large number of textile: it could be curtains, tablecloths and chair covers.

7-a lot of white

Use in the interior of a large number of pink flowers, it can be gentle or roses or peonies, or beautiful soft hues, and will look good lace cloth napkins or crocheted.

8-long chairs

The lighting in the kitchen is best to choose a warm color, you can also choose and the bar with classic chairs, the main thing that the kitchen was white.

9-beautiful table

In the style of Shabby Chic to use as much of the old grandmother’s things, such as old watches or dials, the table can paint in a checkerboard pattern using a light gray instead of black paint, and all the white interior dilutes bright flowers on the dining table.

10-dining scene

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