Dressing in a cage in the interior

October 11, 2013
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2-wallpaper in a cage

This year, all designers have become interested Scottish cells, as this element is called – tartan. This figure is well warmed by heat it’s interior. Tartan is used not only for fashionable clothes, but also for the interior, it can be and textiles and wallpaper and tapped the floor in a cage.

3-curtains in a cage

Textiles in the interior – it’s the easiest solution to beautify your house with the help of the cells in the first place is not the most expensive option, and the easiest requiring no reshuffle. You can also select textiles as bedding, from the classic plaid, to the interesting pillows or towels.

4-wallpaper in a cage

In that case, you need to consider the most simple and uncomplicated furniture. Wallpaper and hand-painted cells. Tartans are both low-key tones and bright, screaming about his brilliance. In this case, you need to take the most simple and uncomplicated furniture.

5-sofa in a cage

If you can afford the furniture in the cell, do not suppose that it is only the bright, it is diverse, ranging from light to dark shades. The furniture in the cell can be big and small, such as a large sofa or ottoman. If you like you can do yourself to sheathe a beautiful chest of drawers with a cloth in the box.

6-the cage floor

The stories are different, and in the box, too, for example, you can choose the most comfortable option, buying a carpet in the cage, and the room will already be warm and cozy. If there is a carpet, you can lay a bright rug with large cage.

7-textiles into the cell

In the interior should be interesting with the presence of accessory cells, such as towels, small rugs, lamps, frames are decorated in the box, even dishes will look good and beautiful, you can buy beautiful fabric for the kitchen.

8-Floor lamps in a cage

9-the cell wall

10-ceiling in a cage

bedroom in a cage-1

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