Bright studio apartment

October 14, 2013
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Beautiful living room has placed not only the sofa to rest, but there is a long desk with a nice comfy chair. Near a large sofa cushions have a lot of fun, and is a beautiful coffee table in the style of IKEA. On the wall hangs a beautiful picture – in the form of the bridge. Curtain hanging in the window in the form of text labels.


The hall is decorated with beautiful black and white photographs, and the corridor resembles a small veranda. The corridor is very narrow, but the light-colored walls make it visually wider, as opposite the entrance is a full-length mirror.

3-beautiful curtains

The windows in the room are placed close to the entire length of the wall there is a big long table for work and plants. The walls in the room a different color, it is a little darker than the wall. In the corner is an interesting accessory of wood.

4-beautiful table

The kitchen is small but very comfortable, with beautiful pattern curtain – black and white, it looks very contrasting to reduce the space of table – glass with rounded legs, and there are three leather stools. Under the dining table has a shelf where you can put some small details and accessories.

5-nice rack

In the living room there is a large and long shelf for books and various accessories. Is used instead of doors sliding door on the matte color.

6-beautiful bath

The bathroom is small but very nice with a humble and beautiful tile in a mosaic-style, under the sink has a small round laundry basket. On the wall hung a mirror in round shape which is beautifully reflected tiles.

7-small kitchen

The kitchen is small but angular and beautiful, there are convenient shelves, cabinets, counter tops with beautiful, where it will be convenient to cook.

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