Apartment in black and white classic color

October 15, 2013
Posted in Decor

1-beautiful chairs

Black and white color blend well with each other, and treat it to a more modern style. Many producers use a color palette to beautifully highlight the items. Black and white good looks great, in fact it seems very elegant.

2-black cabinet

Living room – this is a serious choice for a classic interior design, black and white color will look good in the room. The room is light furniture with black accessories, black stools and a beautiful lamp, beautiful pillows with black and white colors.

3-black and white kitchen

Black – white color and look good in the kitchen, such as the kitchen can be made of wood – white tiles and a black stove for example, a good mix of sex in a checkerboard design with black and white tiles.

4-black and white bedroom

The bedroom can also be in black and white style, look good streak, it may vases or pillows, good interior and complement other small items, such as green and bright pillow.

5-black and white room

The interior is well looked beautiful faux zebra rug, a chair can look very beautiful in beige shades, and you can add a bright accessory pillow. Furniture can be dark, well complement the interior of the picture with black borders.

6-Classic dining rooms

An elegant combination of beautiful black chair with carved legs well with stylish chairs in black and white stripes and vibrant colors complement the ambiance.

7-bright Steps

Black and white color look good in detail, long carpet-style zebra looks – gorgeous, and fits well with beige staircase.

8-beautiful tile

Black and white color look good in black shades and blends well with the black and white tiles, and a good mix with beautiful stripes.

9-beautiful wall

The wall in a black color scheme – white looks great and beautiful drawings in the form of curls look really nice.


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