Comfortable flat in London

October 17, 2013
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1-Cozy apartment in London

Beautiful and spacious apartment owned by Nicky BARTROP, before she lived in England and then to the south of France. Her son had to finish my education in London, so she decided to go with him. To remind them old apartment house, she bought a big house in west London. Earlier this room was like an office, then it’s converted into a living, and a large and spacious apartment.

2-blue walls

The total area is approximately 300 square meters, the apartment has a lot of light, it is roomy and comfortable for creativity Nicky. The apartment has two floors, and her son Theo might invite to his supporters and to feel free.

3-blue vase

Of all the rooms in the building – this apartment is very broad and huge, and that it emphasized the designers have created a large window, which move apart and go to the terrace. The designers have decided to keep the big and old windows.

4-bathroom in the bedroom

The main portion of the house occupies a studio that creates Nicky, this room is connected to a smooth transition from the blue walls in this apartment feel like a stone wall, there is quiet and not noisy like in London, this apartment is completely the opposite.

5-beautiful portrait

All accessories and Nicky made herself, as she is very practical, and creative person likes to remodel the old stuff, so she is engaged in processing things. If she wants new furniture, paint and just requires a repaint in a different color, which is very practical, convenient and not pricey. For example a chair she decided to just paste over old magazines, and she good at updating things.

6-comfortable kitchen

Niki in London brought a piece of their home in the style of Provence, giving the impression of a country house. Also, the aura of complete trees that are planted all over the terrace, which obscure the house from the city.

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