Rustic style in the modern world

October 18, 2013
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Beautiful country style translated means rural style, this style was made in England. Earlier, British homes have been furnished in a style that is because in England it rains constantly, and the theater is a place where you can relax. The British appreciate the simplicity, beauty and of course comfort. This interior brings in a lot of style of love and delight. Moreover this interior will keep the beauty of old things.

This interior is stylish, and is widely applied in the utilization of the interior. In the country music style often uses only natural materials and traditional accessories . Most often used such materials like wood, stone , fabric and leather. In addition, you can use other materials such as wicker furniture made of wood and forged furniture that will fit well into the interior, it can be as simple as a double bed or a table leg , or chairs , you can also make a stand for umbrellas or shelves for shoes and coat hooks. Country style is welcome to use only natural materials and created by hand by hand.

It is a country-style simplicity in things, natural fabrics and comfortable things that will warm the soul. Furniture and interior in country style should combine tranquility, warmth and naturalness, this interior will be able to remember the happy times of children’s time. Country style creates a perfect harmony with nature. Country style uses natural color schemes that are inherent only natural paints.
In country style very well be to use the fireplace, which will make the interior even more comfortable, most often used colors: green, golden color, terracotta , the color of water and sky.

2-bright flowers

3-two armchairs

4-old workshop

5-bright living room

6-beautiful table

7-beautiful bedroom

8-beautiful bed

9-beautiful bed

10-beautiful bed

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