The old house with a beautiful interior

October 18, 2013
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1-old table

This house is very old and beautiful house was built in 1850. Many things in this household as if time stopped, because they have persisted ever since, and in the interior a little something new. Before this house was already reconstructed, but the owners have maintained the spirit of its antiquity. The whole family was in ruins and gathered it on the new that they did it successfully.

2-beautiful fireplace

This farmhouse is suitable for the family of four, which can take guests home. The house has kept the spirit of antiquity, there is also a beautiful view around the house has a lovely garden with a beautiful and brilliant vista.

3-small dog

All the rooms are done in bright shades, plays a vital role beautiful textiles and lace is beautiful pillows in vintage fashion. In some sleeping areas are situated opposite the seam has a door that looks fantastic.

4-beautiful cat

The house is built in the old style with a mixture of decorative items, the occupants of the house decorate mirrors in an antique gold frame. In some rooms instead of lamps and chandeliers are used in the form of a huge candelabrum.

5-beautiful bathroom

Dishes in the house entirely of old crystal and porcelain, decorative and are the main decorations. Also used in the interior of the old furniture from raw wood, mirror frame beautifully, beautiful old chairs, a bed and a wardrobe.

6-bright bedroom

The kitchen in the old country style made even with Kitchen Island that belongs more to the modern trend. Sink made in ancient and modern style, there are also shelves instead of cabinets with shutters. This home has a large number of old accessories old days.

7-shaggy dog


9-old table

10-old crockery

11-old crockery

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