Beautiful bathrooms in the classic style

October 21, 2013
Posted in Bathroom

1-spacious bathroom

This bathroom interior is made in the cold shade, close to the sea style, it combines the color of the sand and bright – blue spots in a decor that privacy and need to feel comfortable.

2-large bathroom

The bathroom is very roomy and the bathroom is large, has a huge window that overlooks a large amount of natural light, it looks very Luxuriously.

3-bathroom in the bedroom

The bathroom in the bedroom looks great and stands next to the bed and the bathroom has a rounded oval room, which is very convenient to do in the morning, out of bed at once to mix the bathroom, also in the evening of a warm bath to move in a relaxed state in bed.

4-cherry bathroom

The bathroom is bright and catchy looks very glamorous as it is luxurious, and looks very rich, interiors complete accessories in the shape of a mirror with beautiful shapes, and a short sink, round tub is in the middle of the room, as space permits.

4-glass wall

The bathroom is constructed in the style of hitch made in interesting and natural shades, it is clear colors and tones, as this style is the natural pattern of the correct lines and shapes, all of which should be comfortable and functional.

5-brass bath

This bathroom is non-standard dimensions, as it is a long and narrow corridor, you can fit a booth near a window, a bathroom that has a gray color of the walls and bottom lined with wood and painted in gray and gray shell lined with small tiles.

6-bath in the bedroom

The bathroom is connected to the bedroom, opposite the bed there is a large canopy over you can hide, and also a large bathroom is located next to the fireplace, which allows not only to keep warm in the bathroom but also keep the heat in the room and a large canopy that covers large room curtains that will retire.

7-white wall

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