Fashion classics in a modern interior

October 21, 2013
Posted in Decor

1-coffee table

In this room a feeling of harmony and tranquility, the color of the room is decorated in sand run-off, which blends well with a beautiful fireplace, and simple furniture offers a comfortable balance.

2-striped walls

Classic interior in it – for example, striped wallpaper, it can be as big or small, it is a very trendy bar at any time and will always be relevant, this trend is combined with a very light curtain, and will produce a tender interior.

3-beautiful ceiling

The floor in the room is laid out a beautiful and elegant shelf, which uses very expensive fabrics and high-quality materials, the straight lines, idle tone and as always beautiful moldings and furniture with a beautiful shape and stripes looks good and accentuate the classic style.

4-kitchen in classical style

Large white kitchen with a good gold finish blends well with antique chandelier make the kitchen elegant.

5-yellow pillows

In the middle of the room is a beautiful light-colored furniture, coffee table made of light wood approximate to the nut above the table hangs a beautiful chandelier that is well emphasized understated luxury.

6-beautiful staircase

Beautiful lines, curve line emphasizes the beautiful and huge staircase, makes a stylish lounge area, beautiful pattern, inlaid floor with a classic design, reminiscent of a hall entrance to the royal palace.


A dark and luxurious living room lounge has placed a beautiful and luxurious furniture with a beautiful piano that allows you to enjoy music, or sit in a chair and read a book in this room, or play a game of chess.

8-small chairs

Classic and mirrored columns lined with mirrored tiles, they share part of the living room is separated from the dining area, and fleshes out the space in the room, the furniture is also utilized in the classical style, but transparent, to make the room spacious.

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