Glamour style in the interior

October 23, 2013
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Glamour in the interior – a combination of glitz, glamour, gloss, it is a splendid experience. In the dash of glamor everything should be in the house to attract bright and beautiful, it can be not only accessories, but also the furniture and the color of the walls, and even home appliances. In the dash of glamor can be used as very expensive items and accessories so cheap, the main thing that they look good.

2-the colors in the style of zebra

All things in the style of glamor can be used as branded items and without brands. Glamorous accessories should be evident, it may be curtains in bright coloring zebra or bright colors.

3-curtains over the bed

In the style of glamor, but can look and color according to the number, for example, bright prints conveniently used in the textile industry, it could be curtains and pillows.

4-bright kitchen

The kitchen can be bright and saturated, if the surface is bright and glossy, such as furniture, it will be very elegant and colorful, the story can also be embellished with a matte or glossy tiles. Chairs should not choose plain, and pay attention to the bright objects.

5-golden wall

Bright and colorful golden hues combine well with silver and copper-colored shades, these colors fit well with the style of minimalism. For instance, one part of the wall can be plastered with beautiful and bright wallpaper with golden hues, and the other part glued simple wallpaper.

7-beautiful white tile

The room can be adorned with a glamorous subject and has only one draw the attention on the subject, which will increase the success, you can gradually find similar accessories that will be combined with the former.

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