Style of Feng Shui in interior of the apartment

October 23, 2013
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The apartment is in the style of of Feng Shui should be kept clean and tidy, the house should be only the necessary things that are used often, and for other purposes. It is necessary to follow the procedures in the room every day and set things out.


Style Feng Shui must have a large number of green plants, they create a refreshing atmosphere and produce a satisfying effect. Plants should be selected without a strong aroma, and those that do not strictly require care.


It is worth noting that, in the style of Feng sure to use the minimum amount of equipment, you can create a separate room, such as the bedroom and make it in the style of Feng Shui. The space should be free with a minimal amount of furniture and objects in the interior, for example to make built-in furniture.


Bedroom furniture plays an important role is to choose the Japanese refined style, the furniture should be constructed of natural materials: a good tree, choose simple lines, you should not choose intricate shapes and designs. The color scheme should be in earthy colors, green, sand color, the color of the earth.


The carpets in the room play a huge room, because they produce an exceptional ambiance that creates comfort and convenience, carpets should choose simple and light, the color of the carpet is better to choose a light color, khaki, and beige, green. Beautiful rugs can be a beautiful pattern, but do not possess a set of bright drawings, everything should be in harmony.

6-beautiful chairs

The lighting in the room is important, you should choose a light natural color, you should not choose a bright light ceiling and install modern lamps that light was natural and warm.


Accessories can only be in the Japanese style, but paintings and photographs on the walls should not be, it should be very minimal, and the walls have to be raw and empty.

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