Apartment with a variety of ideas

October 24, 2013
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A small apartment can be practical, comfortable and functional thanks to the good and creative designers have created this magnificent apartment designers Alan Chu, the small size of the property of the designer turned out a beautiful space to survive.


This small apartment belongs to a young businessman who live in it temporarily, so he wanted to make the room was cozy and functional. To do this, the interior used furniture that quickly may have a different situation.

3-light furniture

The apartment is very conveniently arranged on the ground is also a kitchen and living room on the second floor bathroom and sleeping room.

4-red refrigerator

The designers have decided to save some space in the room was chosen functional storage system with sliding shelves, furniture is built in a row, she made in the style of a big box.

5-red refrigerator

Furniture in the house is very small, and all of it is used only for its intended purpose, the ground floor there is a comfortable sofa that can serve as a sleeping place for friends., The room has a dining table, even the bright metal chair.

6-monochrome interior

The furniture in the interior light monochrome shade, there are also bright spots such as red fridge, chair and vintage rug beside the bed.

8-steep stairs

The house has a beautiful black staircase is made of metal, it is constructed in the shape of a black spiral end at the entrance to a large wooden box, like a drawer, it is similar to the furniture on the first floor.

9-bed light

Steps with beautiful transparent panels that visually enlarge the space in the room, in front of a huge sofa wall white brick color, and range of hanging red phone.

10-black bedroom

The bedroom is different from the other rooms, the walls of the room matt black, white head, tiled boards of different colors, standing next to a chair with an interesting shape.

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