Bright and green interior from Ukrainian designer

October 25, 2013
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Spacious one-bedroom apartment has 64 square meters of area, located in a residential complex Comfort Town. These designers have created a workspace and comfort zone.


The sitting room is combined with the kitchen, the color in the living room of white color with green patterns on the roof there is a green divorces, opposite the kitchen on the bar stock is growing green grass, which is very pleasing to the eye.


On the ceiling was created image of a tree with branches, then the interior is very bright and interesting, it will always cheer you up. Furniture in the kitchen has a streamlined shape, the wall has an interesting texture of gray.

4green chair

A large number of furniture can easily be transmuted in the bedroom table can turn into a crib.

5-beautiful shelf

The apartment is dominated by representatives of the flora, and flowers of orchids beautiful green grass. Room with living plants becomes vivid impression. The sitting room has a large built-in shelf to the tower where you can order the books. The room has a beautiful white piano streamlined and convenient green ottoman.

7-spacious balcony

Small balcony gray, with wooden monotonous gray wooden floor, there is a comfortable taffeta gray with chrome legs, goes well with green cushions and bright purple.

8-beautiful bedroom

The apartment is very flexible and functional system, furniture easy to move, in fact it can be easily translated.

9-beautiful bedroom

In a small space furniture is placed very convenient and practical, a minimum of furniture will preserve and save space.


The bathroom has a different beautiful colors, mosaic tiled walls blue small tiles, walls and enjoy a champagne color.

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