Stylish apartment in Washington

October 29, 2013
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This comfortable and roomy flat is located in Washington, it uses a modern look and style, size of the apartment is only 80 square meters. The most beautiful and interesting place in the house is an interesting and beautiful bedroom.

2-beautiful bed

This cozy apartment belongs to the owner by the name of Casey Patten, he is the proprietor of a popular sandwich shop. The owner of this apartment wanted to own a stylish, modern style, but also very comfortable. Favorite spot in the house – a cozy terrace for relaxation and comfort with a host of his best friends, or a room for relaxation.

3-big lamp

The lighting in the room, mostly natural, as the owner does not like cutting a bright and unnatural light from the lamps. The owner travels frequently and wants to go back to the theater, which will be cozy.

4-beautiful color wall

In each room are used to lead-bands that were installed inside the ceiling structure, which allows more room to make soft and comfortable thanks to the scattered light.

5-simple kitchen

Beautiful wall with unusual wall illuminated with beautiful lamps that make the wall of a work of art, a point light illuminates the wall, and the wall has beautiful designs.

6-green lockers

The proper combination of different lighting will create a special atmosphere in the apartment in the apartment. Correct and elaborate light will look good in the kitchen. Each zone has a variable illumination.


The main thing is not to overload the room a lot of variations of light. Usually the room light should be as an accessory that will make the room cozy.

8-beautiful lines

At the head of the bed is beautiful and interesting setting with soft lighting, which has a good rest, the light like a fire in the fireplace, then the room is warmed by such reporting.

9-beautiful lines

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