Magnificent house in Scandinavian style

October 30, 2013
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Garden house is not one on 30 acres. The holiday house frame designer has created for his family, who often like to get together.


The house was built near Moscow, and it is built in the Scandinavian style, a little Finnish contemporary style.

3-beautiful toilet

The bathroom is part of the wall trimmed with natural wood siding, the second part of the wall is painted in a light color, and also has an image of flowers in black frames, and there is a large frame with a mirror.

4-blue bedroom

The bright blue color in the bedroom was used to make room in the French style, this room was made for guests to pay a special style were made and hung a beautiful antique lamp.

5-the smallest

The firm has a large number of bedrooms, the most favorite room hostess in an aqua color.

6-large fireplace

Living room with beautiful wood-trimmed and dark timber. The fireplace was lined with beautiful and natural polished stone. Beautiful tables made of polished wood, in the living room hanged a large number of stuffed animals and trophies that have been mined on the hunt.

7-sofa in a cage

The living room furniture is used with beautiful large squares, reminiscent of tartan, and placed an interesting wooden chair.

8-beautiful kitchen

The kitchen and dining room done in a pure Scandinavian style, highlighted this style vintage blue suit, it clears the kitchen restrained. Opposite the work area wall lined with white tile matt finish.

9-dining area

Also a big advantage is that the kitchen has a convenient access to a summer terrace with large dining table. In summertime, the patio door is never closed, and it bears the same length.

10-large veranda

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