How to give your home a minimal makeover

October 31, 2013
Posted in Furniture

Pick up any homes and lifestyle magazine and you’ll know that, no matter the season, the minimalist interior décor style is all the rage right now, and it’s a look that is here to stay.

In the day and age where less is more, it’s all about choosing a few select pieces to add instant glamour and chicness to the place you call home.

Here are four ways to bring minimalist magnificence to any room in your house:


Classic designer pieces

If the idea of spending your entire wage on a single chair isn’t to your liking, then it’s time to invest in some quality reproduction furniture. Inspired by the classic originals of the 20 Century, stockists such as Vita Interiors offer reproduction designer furniture to suit every room. Keep these pieces to minimum to ensure maximum impact.

minimalist magnificence

Gloss furniture

If your ideal furniture combines both beauty and functionality, you need to get your hands on anything gloss, chrome or clear. A simple, sleek and shiny surface screams minimal style and is a must-buy for any homeowner chasing an uber-chic look.

Chrome is king when it comes to giving your home a sophisticated look, so a slick office desk or glass table will work wonders when teamed-up with bright white or luxury black furniture.


Simple stairs

Highly susceptible to blocking light from flowing freely throughout your living space, stairs have a massive impact on the overall look and feel of your home as they affect all floors.

Installing stairs that introduce as much light into your home as possible are encouraged – whether you decide to do so through panelling your banisters or integrating LED floor lights into the steps themselves, it’s up to you.


Pendant Light

When it comes to illuminating your room, simplicity should be at the forefront of your mind.

Again, a shapely form is favoured over intricate patterns, so it pays to choose carefully. Remember that an exposed bulb is preferred over a lampshade that directs the light upwards. The minimal look is all about encouraging light, not stifling it.


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