The cozy Scandinavian style

October 31, 2013
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1-beautiful floor lamp

The interior in the Scandinavian style is very popular with many, as this style is very likable, it is easy and simple, includes a simple and natural. So as a resident of the northern countries the luxury of not very peculiar, they prefer to equip their homes to make the interior is cozy and warm. Scandinavian interiors preferred by those who love and prefer brevity.

2-Living in Scandinavian style

Color Scandinavian-style plays a huge role in the first place preference to pastel tones, for example: light brown, light blue, light blue. However, the main color is still and always will be pure white.

3-Living in the bright Scandinavian style

Interior with flowers should be strongly pale, should be bright shades, are ideal for this wallpaper with bright beautiful colors, these shades are in green, blue or red tones.

4-natural Area

Materials play a major role, the main preference is to bring into the house of comfort and convenience, preferred to use natural materials, such as: wood, natural stones, cotton, glass, ceramics, leather, fur, all of these materials will be suitable for the Scandinavian style

5-beautiful window

Scandinavian-style furniture should be functional and very practical. In there should be a maximum of space, the extra items will be completely out of place, it is better to give preference monochrome fittings. Materials that are most often used for such furniture: natural light wood, it can also be raw or with minimal processing. In upholstery textiles chosen simple: felt, suede, linen and other natural fabrics.

6-beautiful kitchen

Lighting and Law play a huge role in the Scandinavian style, the room should be filled with natural light, this window must be large, and may not even have curtains and drapes.

7-beautiful bedroom

8-beautiful living room

9-beautiful living room

10-beautiful living room

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