Beautiful apartment in Long Island

November 1, 2013
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1-blue carpet

Owners of the apartments do not like empty and boring walls, so when they bought the house, they invited popular designers who are well tried and coped with its project and did an amazing house, warm and pleasant.

2-white chairs

This house holds a large family of wife, husband, kids, dogs and lots of nurses. Designers Anthony Baratta and William Diamond took into account the wishes of all the housewives.

3-beautiful chair

The building was a large amount of unnecessary corridors, and this space needed to properly equip and somehow fill. Designers have made up out of a empty house is charming and cute house, suitable for a family.

4-semicircular sofa

Designers fully take into account the client’s wishes, and her favorite colors, and most of the rooms are made in blue. All ranges of colors have been manipulated in a very correct shade, there is nothing more to prevent, in a room large number of windows that allow natural light.

5-white sofa

The color scheme can be matched to the color of the ocean waves, and resembles a sea, ocean, lake, also used a large number of ornaments, they are reflected on the carpets and curtains. The patterns are produced and painted in blue and white colors.

6-yellow walls

A lot of furniture looks new, but in fact most of the furniture was purchased at flea markets. Designers have taken the market to find something that is fun and unique.

7-white table

Designers have chosen interesting furniture that brings joy to the interior, the furniture is very extravagant, and reminds one bean.


Given the more love for the child, designers pasted about photo wallpapers style of the waves on the background, which stands out furniture and looks very nice.

9-beautiful wall

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