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November 1, 2013
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This beautiful and gorgeous house belongs to a large and positive family. Owners Monica, Pulo, Iago, Yar. This home is located in Portugal. The style of this house is bright and colorful. When the family of Monica got this apartment, it was empty, and simple, but the tenants the option is not suitable and they changed and made it bright and colorful.

2-purple armchair

The landlady does not like white and even a little scared of him, and then she prefers bright colors, bright colors  soothes and bring her a lot of joy and liveliness. Many friends of Monica do not understand how she could live in such numbers riot of colors.

3-Decoration on the wall

From the virginity Monica loves bright colors and this passion led her to her father, who worked as a fashion designer and created a vibrant and interesting item, and she always watched the bright fabrics, prints, and fashionable clothes. Thanks to the signs of the six languages and the study of cultures, thanks to her house began to play with bright and fun colors.

4-light floor

Most of the interior of the hostess made herself, she outlined the wall itself, and was happy to share tips repairs in his apartment. The whole apartment of Monica done in the style of pop art inspired Monica through paintings that now hang on the wall. Color may be different, the main thing that he was a favorite, as is find the item that will be loved and will play a big role in the interior.

5-bright bedroom

Typically the most expensive thing, a beautiful and interesting will be a bright accent in the interior, and will emphasize your design and tells a lot about you. Monica believes that the walls – this is good stuff for your creativity, so she painted all bright with flowers and foliage’s. It is necessary to choose only your favorite colors, and favorite colors, objects to the entire interior of joy to every day.

6-bright second bedroom

7-large family

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