Christmas Design festive table

November 4, 2013
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1-table decoration

New Year – a holiday that brings joy, positivity and good humor. We provide you with exciting and interesting ideas for the holiday table decoration, these estimates can be claimed even every year. Arriving at your holiday table each year may be associated with an animal, this year you can feel the horsepower. This year, you can create a special atmosphere of the festive feast. 2014 will bring you a lot of energy, but will make you peaceful and tranquil.
This year, the table can be decorated with seeds, cones, grass and wild flowers, horseshoes , all that is associated with horses . If you do not like to experiment using a traditional pattern on a festive table. Horses are associated with naturalness and warmth. We need to use more natural materials, it can be made of linen napkins, wooden ware. Beautifully will look porcelain with painted designs. Also worth and you can decorate the table special products, and natural breed that can be put on a plate, or a beautiful wooden tray.

The greens on the table can not only look beautiful, but also useful for dishes you can decorate with sprigs of parsley, dishes will look fresh, and will possess a pleasant aroma. Served in 2014 did not require a lot of tomorrow and it is quite popular. The table is adorned with large candles, nice lights will create a beautiful ambience. Tangerines can be decorated with asterisks spices cloves, they will impart a special flavor that is reminiscent of the holiday. Composition can be formulated as yourself and buy in any store, if you do not have the time or inclination to do it yourself. It is not necessary to overload the table a variety of items that are not looked tasteless and despicable.

2-beautiful napkins

3-red and white

4-Christmas tree on the table

5-beautiful balloons

6-Roses in a Vase

7-orange style

8-bright candy

9-beautiful beads


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