Bright apartment in New – York

November 5, 2013
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This beautiful and luxurious duplex located in the beautiful New York City, it is situated in a modern building in Chelsea. In this house lived a portion of today’s pop stars such as Nicole Kidman. These flats are so comfortable, you cannot imagine, instead of the usual lift has an elevator for the car that can be parked along the same floor where the person lives. Such an opportunity is provided to park the car labels not everyone is unique. From this you can see modern buildings and admire the Empire State Building, which is worth a great deal of money.
The designer decided to fix a garage in an urban glamor and style at the same time, it looks elegant, beautifully attached to the wall vertical sheets of vinyl. Thus, in the interior to create a modern illusion that a little scary, but also makes it elegant.
This house is designed for an active family, and with an active lifestyle, they also have a vacation home, which is filled with antiques and old things. In a city apartment placed opposite a modern interior with a collection of photographs that collects the owner. His wife prefers bright colors, and vice versa husband loves light walls. Names Condo owners Robert and Kathy Mappltorpa Grennan.
Designer wanted to please everyone, so created the interior in the style of the 1960s, as it was for them when these were popular and important. Most of the rooms are on the white walls, and colors of curtains and wallpaper made in bright and jazzy style as like his wife. The interior has a large number of blue, red, and green, flat places like the photo gallery. Bedroom done in dark blue color, blue color is very different shades.


3-round table

4-purple wall

5-blue walls

6-blue furniture

7-green furniture


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