Cozy loft in Brooklyn

November 6, 2013
Posted in Apartments

1-Bicycles on the wall

This superb loft located in the heart of Brooklyn. The apartment has large windows and spacious, earlier this apartment was great and spacious factory for the production of textiles, so the owners have got such a large window.

2-House to house

Modern designer Terry Chao decided to make life easier for the proprietors of the apartment, and left a lot of natural light, and shared a very interesting bedroom and bathroom, and a living room, and it has built two houses, and the ceiling allowed to do so because it is very high.

3-second house

Both firms have a different purpose, a simple trip to the lodge rustic classic, and the second house looks like a tree house, this apartment is a bit like a children’s room with an adult style, and looks very original.

4-high ceiling

A small area of the house is constructed of simple plywood houses, they include both the workplace and the bedroom, which is very functional and practical. Inside the house is quite cozy, due to high ceilings, a feeling of solitude with nature, if a house is not in the apartment and on the street, which is very pleasing.


Given the option of interior, furniture is hardly used, as there are no decorative accessories that it was not possible to clutter it with unnecessary accessories, in effect there is the sheer minimalism, and that makes the apartment a comfortable, spacious, there’s not even a closet, there is only hanging on the hanger where and stir all the clothes and looks pretty good, and disorder in the closet never will be. The walls in the interior painted in white color and with him well with light wood planks.

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