How to use the tiles in the interior

November 6, 2013
Posted in Decor

1-ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles in the interior holds a special place in the interior, and plays a huge role, most often used in the decoration of tiles in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the hallway, but more often it is used even in the living room, the main sight of her, and that she may be similar. Kitchen apron is made out of small ceramic tiles around the work area.

2-imitation wood

Tiles with imitation wood looks very nice, the more it will cost several times cheaper than hardwood timber or wood floors. This year, such tiles are very popular in interior, more than that it is an easy to install under floor heating.

3-Imitation marble tile

Tile in the style of natural marble, will make the room a luxurious and will give it a high cost. Marble is a very topical and popular material, but it is not everyone can afford. Modern technology offers many options that look like marble.

4-natural stone tiles

Tile in the style of natural stone, natural, and will give the interior a natural look, make it closer to nature. Sometimes she looks fierce, and not very modern, but if you think about all the details, the interior can be cozy with tiles in the style of natural stone wall with a snow-white and chrome bathroom fixtures.

5-leather tiles

The interior uses leather tile, or imitation leather. Optional search tile steering wheel and it can be done in a contrived manner. Tile in the style of a leather interior will create a glamorous and beautiful way.

6-floral tiles

Tiles with beautiful colors and shapes will be relevant for the kitchen or bath. Floral designs will never go out of fashion and will always be popular.

7-tiling patchwork

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