Interesting interiors in white style

November 12, 2013
Posted in Decor

1-white bedroom

White color in the interior – a very simple and successful way to alter or to beautify your interior. White color has a positive effect on mood and appeal to many, most often it is used in the Scandinavian style. The white color allows you to alter the size of the room and it can be increased. Also, white color looks favorably with other shades and vivid colors. Previously, white could use only the rich, as it is very easy to get dirty and I had to constantly adjust. The white color gives the house an extra charm.

2-white children

White – the color that symbolizes purity, peace and harmony. A white background will be a good complement to other bright hues. White flowers come in many colors, and origins come from the ivory color of snow, and the color is natural cotton. White easy to configure to work, freshen the room and relax when needed.

3-white living room

The white color blends well with other shades of bedding, such as this may be the color of cream, milk color, and it looks perfect with natural objects, such as wood, even untreated, or coarse fabrics, linen.

4-white kitchen

White color is very in harmony with green hues, even more will refresh the interior, and it can be any shades of green, from bright to very dark.

5-white bed

The white color will look good in the nursery, bright toys and simply complement the room and make it cozy.

6-round white table

In the white interior can use a lot of bright colors , or one main bright color that will provide a room and make it bright , vivid colors help create. For example, this may be shades: green, purple, blue, these colors < stimulate creativity and imagination.

7-white Room

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